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Tehani studied and qualified as a Speech Therapist, with Honours, at Curtin University in 2011. Since then, Tehani has worked across a variety of paediatric settings in Perth and London, including private practices, public health and education departments and non-for-profit organisations.
Communication Champions was her brainchild while pregnant with actual child, baby Tiago. Tehani is now mum to two children, Tiago & Vera.

Tehani relishes in the opportunity Communication Champions provides her to work closely with families, taking the time to get to know each child and delivering individualised, functional therapy approaches for that child and family, in order to achieve their goals.

Tehani specialises in providing early intervention and speech therapy support for autistic children from the early years to adolescence. 

Tehani is a neurodiversity affirming therapist, SCERTS qualified, certified in Hanen More Than Words and has undergone LAMP training. 
Tehani is a Certified Practicing Clinician registered with Speech Pathology Australia.

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