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Speech Pathology Services in Perth

Communication Champions is a mobile speech pathology service operating from Leeming in Perth. We come to you! 
Working with a child in an environment they are comfortable in helps establish an accurate representation of their communication strengths and needs.

Working within the home setting also ensures recommended therapy strategies are practical and functional for your family.

Our services include:

Initial assessment 

Therapy blocks

Fulfillment of NDIS plans

Developing therapy activity packages

Liaising with schools/ childcare centres to support your child

Speech Pathologist Fees & Charges


An initial assessment is advised before commencing therapy, unless a recent assessment has already been completed.

Assessment can last up to 90 minutes and is a flat fee of $285.

Please note this fee is for assessment only, a report can be produced for an additional fee, billed at the hourly rate of $190/hr (please speak to your therapist for a quote).


Therapy sessions are usually 45mins and charged at $142.50. 
As we travel out to you to provide speech therapy services, an additional travel fee will also be included.

Therapy session length can be modified to suit your child's needs and charged accordingly. 

NDIS clients

NDIS services are charged in line with current NDIS Price Guide recommendations, please read our NDIS Client page for more information. 

Activity Packs

Therapy activity packs will be individualised and tailored to your child's needs, as such prices will vary. Please contact for more information.

Travel Fees

Travel charges are calculated as the travel time to the place of your appointment. 

Every effort is made to ensure appointments in the same area are grouped together to minimise travel charges

0 - 5 minutes travel time: free

5 - 10 minutes travel time: +$15.84

10 - 15 minutes travel time: +$23.76

15 - 20 minutes travel time: +$31.68

Not sure what your travel fee would be?
Please contact us.

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